Common Issues on Print DHLGM Lables

Issue: I cannot get a labels to generate for Smart Parcel Plus Ground, and Smart Parcel Plus Expedited
Answer : Please check with DHL to make sure you account is enabled for this shipping method.

Issue: For Smart Parcel Ground and Smart Parcel Expedited. I cannot get the 1-5oz rates to generate labels
Answer : this is a DHL restriction on label generation. Actually DHL does not charge per package, they will weight your total packages at end of day and charge the total postage.

Issue: How do I mark the order as shipped after I printed the label?
Answer : After you click on the DHL button, there will be a popup dialog box with a few buttons on it. One of the buttons is to mark the order as shipped.
In case you accidently close the dialog without clicking on the "Mark Order as Shipped" button, you can click on the "DHL" button again to bring up the label and the dialog box.

Issue: Why the orders I have shipped are not showing up on the DSM manifest file?
Answer : Please make sure the orders are marked as shipped, and with tracking number info.

Issue: If I already did End of Day, but I still need to ship more orders today?
Or, what if I missed generating the ESM/DSM for a day
Answer : After you clicked the DHL End of Day for a day, a DSM manifest file has been generated. If after that, you shipped some more orders, and you need to generate another DSM file for the same day, please follow the instruction in this help doc for generating a missed ESM/DSM.