Teapplix API V1 (Deprecated)


Teapplix V1 API is accessed via URL end point "https://app.teapplix.com". As of January 2017, this API is deprecated and only maintained "as-is", with no functional updates or bug fixes. New customers or applications should use V2 API. While existing applications can continue to use this API indefinitely, you are encouraged to migrate to V2 API (REST + JSON) if you seek additional capabilities and bug fixes.

Notice that it use to be possible to call V1 API on "www.teapplix.com", this will cease to work starting Feburary 2017. All invocation of V1 API must be done on app.teapplix.com.

Teapplix supports HTTP API to upload / download data.

    There are several major areas of the API:

  1. Order Import
  2. "Instant" Order Push
  3. Order Download
  4. "Customer Report" Download
  5. Shipment Information Download
  6. Inventory Quantity Upload
  7. Inventory Download
  8. Shipping Method and Options Upload
  9. Address Update
  10. Shipping Label Generation
  11. Shipping Label Download

Teapplix security check is HTTPS + HTTP basic auth. you pass username + passwd as part of the url parameter over https. The only exception is "Instant" Order Push, which use a shared secret.

Data Format
Teapplix exchange data with application using either HTTP post variables, or CSV that form the body of the HTTP request. Currently there is no XML or JSON support.

Error Reporting
Application is typically asked to check the HTTP return status code, as well as the body of response, which typically will be a CSV if any response is returned.

Newline character in CSV
Teapplix ask you to use Unix style line endings "\n" as much as possible to ensure the maximum compatibility.

Character encoding
Teapplix expects all data passed to API is utf-8.

Case Sensitive
All examples given require case sensitive consideration when using them.