Drop Ship & FBA

I addition to shipping orders yourself, you can submit orders to drop shippers or have orders shipped by Amazon (FBA - Fulfillment By Amazon):

  • Submit orders to FBA (multi-channel fulfillment)
  • Submit orders to another shipper powered by Teapplix ActionShip software (Cross ActionShip Drop Ship)
  • Submit orders to another party by generating CSV, and update status via CSV back
  • Submit orders to other warehouse operators that have known integration with ActionShip: Winit, 4PX, Chukou1, DFPost, etc
  • Use ActionShip API and build custom integration between sellers and fulfillment houses

Cross ActionShip Drop Ship

This method is for dropshipper and its clients with both sides having ActionShip account, or to submit orders to support 3PL systems like Amazon FBA, Winit, etc.  Since both dropshippers and its client use ActionShip system,  orders can be automatically transferred from client account to the dropshipper account, and shipping confirmation will be automatically updated on the client account.  This is the most time saving method.

Manual Generation of Drop Shipping File Using csv Templates

This method is for dropshippers and its client with only one side having ActionShip account.

Since only one side uses ActionShip system, the orders and ship confirmation have to be transferred via a file.

Action needed for drop shipping client using ActionShip system:

- Manual generate the order files based on the dropshipper's requirement

- Obtain the shipping confirmation file from the dropshipper and upload to ActionShip

Action for the dropshipper using Actionship system:

- Obtain the order file from the client and manual import the file on ActionShip account.

- Using ActionShip to generate shipping confirmation file and send to the client.