Enter Quantity UI

You can choose "AddOne" or "AddPO" link, to manually add quantity information for one or several products.

Locating Products
You can type, or scan in, either the SKU (item name) or UPC for a product, to locate the product. We recommend scanning for best accuracy. The product may have SKU barcode or UPC barcode already, on the add screen, place the cursor in the SKU/UPC box, and scan the barcode, the matching product will automatically be selected. (you can set your scanner to enter either a tab or enter at the end of scan)

Entering Quantity
After you locate the product, enter the quantity, type (in-stock, debit or credit), the effective date. Save.

Purchase Orders
A purchase order is a quick way to enter in a bunch of "credit" records with the same effective date. This is commonly used when you receive a bunch of products purchased from a supplier and want to enter their quantity into the system.