Mapping Inventory Items

QuickBooks items used on exported transactions

When Teapplix export your orders, Teapplix looks for an item in QuickBooks that matches Teapplix item_name, or the "Mapped Item Name" to use as the line item.

Mapped Item Name

The "Mapped Item Name" in Teapplix can be entered in the following manner:

  1. On the "remember weight" screen, the "SKU" field is considered a "Mapped Item Name"
  2. On the "Inventory => Item Mapping" page, the "Mapped Item Name" is the right hand column
  3. On the "QuickBooks => Item Mapping" page, you can directly select Mapped Item Name from the right hand dropdown

When the corresponding QuickBooks item isn't found, in Integration Setup you can choose the following options:

  1. Map to a designated "Default Item" instead
  2. Skip the export of this order. The order will be exported once a match is found.
  3. Create a QuickBooks inventory item with that name. Note that creation can fail due to name issues.
    If you set “auto create inventory”, the products are exported when they come into Teapplix as an order. Products by itself will not export.

If you want to delete the mapping, you can do this from:

    1. Inventory Tab, Item Mapping and select the item mapping you want to delete(check mark that item mapping, then go to bottom of page and click "Bulk Delete"
    2. QuickBooks Tab, Item Mapping and change the view to see all Mapped items, then select the mapping you want to delete, click on the drop down arrow for the QuickBooks Inventory name and select "Delete Matched" which appears at top of the drop down list.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Are you tracking inventory in QuickBooks?
    If not, setup your Teapplix integration to map everything to a default item. That way you don’t have to do the tedious mapping while all orders will be exported for financial reasons.
    If you want to track some of the items, you will still have the opportunity to map by going to "Item Mapping", where you can review and map some that you want to track in QuickBooks.
  2. Setup amazon integration to import merchant SKU as item name, if your merchant SKU maps to QuickBooks, then you don’t have to do the above mapping
  3. Same for eBay, try custom label for item name, if you put your Quickbooks SKU in custom label, then again you are good to go.

Our system is currently designed so you can map something that is not in QuickBooks into QuickBooks.

It cannot map something that is already in QuickBooks into something else that is in QuickBooks.  Option would be to correct the source if that is the problem -> ie, change the Amazon item SKU if that's the case (maybe a new listing is required).