Combining Orders

To find any orders that can be combined, you can go to Orders => Normal queue.

To combine orders, select the orders to the same customer, then click the "..." beside the Ship button, then select "Combine" from the drop down menu. On the resulting screen, make any needed modifications and then click "Save"

A special order will be created that has all the items from the selected orders. You will be warned if the address for the original orders do not match. The third order will be used for shipping. It’s just a brand new order used for generating shipping labels. It won’t be used for much else. The order number is a date time stamp to make it unique.

Our model for combine is that we create a third order while leaving the original 2 “untouched”.

This is due to the reason that the original 2 will eventually be used to confirm back to marketplace, and exported to your QB as if nothing different happened.

The original orders will not be visible in open orders anymore. However, once the special combined order is shipped, the original orders will also be marked as shipped and will confirm back to your marketplace.

If an order that has been combined is cancelled, either manually, or due to a PayPal refund, and the "combined" order hasn't been shipped, then the "combined" order is deleted and the original orders all shows up again in open orders.

If you cancel a combined order, before it is shipped, again it is deleted and the underlying orders show up in open orders.

The special "combined" order will not export to QuickBooks, the underlying order will be.

Note that we don't copy shipping method, weight, or dimensional information to the combined order. You need to fill it in manually afterwards.