Amazon Buy Shipping API

Amazon Buy Shipping is required to use to fulfill Amazon Prime orders. As an option, it also can be used for non-Prime orders.

Teapplix ActionShip supports Amazon Buy Shipping API so you can purchase shipping labels for Amazon orders directly in Teapplix software, in bulk.  And you have the choice to purchase Amazon Labels for your Amazon Seller Prime orders, or for all Amazon orders.

Auto Recognize Prime Orders

ActionShip recognizes Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders automatically. In the “Shipping:” field, ActionShip will show “SELLER PRIME-xxxx”, where xxxx is the speed of shipping class chosen by the buyers, which is typically Standard or 2Day. This allows such orders to be filtered automatically and moved into a separate queue for expedited handling. (To learn how to setup such an automatic filter, go to our Order Management section of the help site.)

Purchase Shipping Labels from Amazon

Sellers that turn on “Buy Shipping API” for their Amazon account will be able to bulk print shipping labels using the same automated process in ActionShip today. To turn on “Buy Shipping API” in your Teapplix account, navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Carts => Amazon, and click the checkbox "User Amazon Always" under “Use Amazon Shipping API” for your Amazon account that qualifies for the service, and press “Save”.

Actionship supports all the carriers that Amazon provides today: USPS, UPS, FedEx, OnTrac and Amazon Shipping Ground.

If you will use UPS and FedEx provided by Amazon, but have not setup FedEx and UPS ship methods in ActionShip, you need to expand the "Configure Shipping Methods"on the Integration => Marketplaces & Carts => Amazon page, and select those ship methods.

Rate Quotes

When you click on the "Pencil" found to the right of a seller fulfilled prime order, ActionShip shows you the Rate Quote of the currently selected method from Amazon, as well as rates for all other shipping methods that Amazon currently allow for such an order.

For each order, based on the buyer's address, Amazon might only allow certain ship methods to be used. If the ship method you selected is giving an error, please click on the Rate action link and find out all the ship methods that are allowed to use for that specific order.

Rate Shop

You can setup Rate Shop method and use it on Amazon orders. We will  include the rate from Amazon Buy Shipping during the rate shop.

There are three options you can setup on the Shipping Profile to use Rate Shop when Amazon Buy Shipping option is selected:

  • rate shop with Amazon rate and with non-Amazon rate - this option gives the broad rate selection and is the default setting.
  • rate shop with Amazon rate only - this option would restrict to use Amazon Buy Shipping only
  • rate shop with non-Amazon rate only - this option would exclude Amazon Buy Shipping and can be used for Amazon orders that does not qualify to use Amazon Buy Shipping.

Voiding Labels and Refunds

If a shipping label was printed incorrectly, it can be voided on in ActionShip using the “cancel label” link. The order will be marked as unshipped and return back to open orders.

All charges and refunds for shipping labels are managed in Seller Central.

Terms and conditions for Amazon Buy Shipping API

Please remember to accept Amazons terms and conditions for their shipping options. If you forget, you will get an error message to go back and accept them before proceeding to use their postage option -