End of Day

Certain carriers require you perform an "end of day" process, this typically involve one or both of the following actions:

  • Data is electronically uploaded to Carrier's system
  • A summary page with barcode is printed and may be scanned by drive

Steps to perform End of Day
After you have done printing all the labels for a day, and have cancelled any label not going to be shipped, you can go to Order History => Batch History, and push the carrier specific "End of Day" button:

  • USPS -- The button is called "USPS Scan Form". This will print a summary page listing all your USPS labels printed for a particular day. If you use Endicia (PDF) or Stamps.com to print First Class labels, and you also use Teapplix USPS for Priority mail,you will have two separate pages with the same document. You should ask USPS driver to scan all the barcodes on the scan form.
  • UPS -UPS Online API automatically submits data to UPS, therefore end of day scan form not required.
  • FedEx -- end of day process is only needed for Ground shipments. You will not get any paper document to print, the button will upload data electronically to FedEx so your tracking numbers shows initial status. If you do not do the end of day everyday, your tracking number may not register with Fedex.com
  • DHL Global Mail (Endicia PDF) -- For domestic orders, you must print manifest each day on Endicia's web site. For international orders, you print the manifest on Teapplix "DHL GM End of Day (DSM)" button.
  • DHL Global Mail (Direct) -- under direct mode, you push "DHL GM End of Day (DSM)" to upload the ESM (Electronic Shipment Manifest) and print out the DSM (Driver Summary Manifest) form for your driver to sign. Notice that direct mode currently only support domestic orders.