End of Day Process

Certain carriers require you to perform an "End Of Day" process; this typically involves one or both of the following actions:

  • Data is electronically uploaded to Carrier's system
  • A summary page with barcode is printed and may be scanned by driver

Steps to perform End of Day  (EOD)
After you have finished printing all the labels for a day, cancelled any labels that are not going to be used; you are ready to perform the EOD Process. To do this, go to "History => EOD" page; select your carrier, select a Post Office zip if you have multiple shipping profiles, then click "Generate".

Following is a brief explanation of the EOD process for each carrier:

  • USPS -- Called the "USPS Scan Form". This will print a summary page with a total number of packages for the day and a barcode which has all the shipping information for each package on the form. Ask the driver to scan the barcode.
  • UPS -- UPS automatically submits data to the UPS servers during each print, therefore an EOD scan form is not required.
  • FedEx -- An EOD process is only required for Ground and SmartPost shipments. No paper documents required, data is uploaded electronically when you click Generate.
  • DHL eCommerce -- The EOD process uploads an electronic manifest and will also print a drivers manifest.
  • DHLExpress -- The DHL Express EOD operation will request a carrier pickup.


The common theme for each carrier who uses an EOD process is to get your package tracking information into the system as soon as possible.  This is for you and your customers benefit.  It is important that you run the EOD process every day any shipping labels have been printed, regardless of how many.