Scan & Print Workflow

 Scan & Print Setup

To turn on Scan &  Print,  please go to Settings => Printers and Scales and choose "Batch printed using Scan & Print" under Printer Options.  If you have multiple Shipping Profiles,  you need to set this for all each of the Shipping Profiles what will be using Scan & Print.

You can also set a minimum batch size that will go to Scan + Print mode.  This way,  if you only print labels for a few orders,  such as a single order,  it will not go through Scan & Print.

 Scan & Print Process

1. Generating a Scan & Print Batch

  • Run address validation first and correct any issues
  • Select a shipping profile that has "Scan + Print" mode
  • Generate labels for a batch of orders using USPS/UPS/FedEx/DHL ship methods, click Ship as usual. Notice that no shipping label will print out
  • Next, generate the pick list and go pick your item from the warehouse into a tray
  • Now, you can start the Scan & Print process, go to History => Batch History, find the batch, and click "..." on the right of the batch. Select "Scan & Print" from the drop down menu

2. Packing for a Scan & Print Batch

Now, once you are on the Scan & Print screen, the UI will guide you through the actions needed.

You will see that single line orders are grouped together, and multi-line orders are grouped together. You can click on Next Step to go to the Scan & Print page.

Click on Start Scan button to start process.

single line orders 

When you scan the matching SKU/UPC, a label will print out for an order with that SKU. You  can then place the item into a box and stick the label on it. You are done with the order.

multi-line orders

A label for a multi-line order will only be printed after you have scanned all the product items and quantities in that order.

First you need to print the packing list for these orders, each will have a sequence number.  Then you put each packing list in separated packing boxes.

When you start to scan a product  SKU, ActionShip will prompt you to select which matching "Packing List Number"  you will put the item into, and the quantity to place them into.  Then you place the proper quantity of this item into the matching box.

After the last item of all multi-line orders is scanned, the dialog will automatically close.  Then you need to scan the order id barcode on the packing slips to generate the labels for these orders.

If, during the pick process, you are short on any items such that orders can not be printed, you will notice such orders do not have checkbox checked on the Scan & Print page. You can cancel the label for such orders right on this screen, and those orders will go back to Open Orders screen waiting for you to have the items back in stock.