Setup Options & Differences

The setup options and terms are similar between QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online. So please read the setup on QuickBooks desktop to familiar with the concepts. There are, however, some differences, and we highlight them here:

Please create the following accounts/items/services in your QuickBooks Online first, and sync your QuickBooks.  Then you can use them to configure the Integration Setup page accordingly:

Deposit Account for Sales Receipt

The Account selected to deposit funds for Sales Receipt needs to be "Bank" type.

Disounts and (Amazon/eBay/PayPal) fees

QuickBooks desktop has a concept called "discount items", QuickBooks Online does not, it uses "Accounts" to track  these. You would need to first create these "accounts" in QBO first before you can specify them in Teapplix to track discounts and fees.

Shipping and Handling

You need to create a Service under Products and Services.

Inventory Item

There is currently not an option to have Teapplix "auto create" inventory items in QuickBooks online. You will have to have all the items already created in QuickBooks online needed before you can export orders from Teapplix.

Please also note of the following differences between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Sale No. in QuickBooks Online will be the same as the Order Id in Teapplix.
  • Tax: QuickBooks Desktop calculate the tax using rate setup in QuickBooks. For QuickBooks online, we enter in the tax amount obtained from the order as it is to your QuickBooks Online.
  • QucikBooks Online has limited support for inventory management, for example it does not support inventory assembly.  So if you want to utilize this feature, you have to use QuickBooks desktop Premier or above.