Payment Methods

For Teapplix provided USPS Account, you can fund your postage meter using the following way:

  • US issued Visa and MasterCard
  • US bank account ACH transfer
  • Paypal money transfer
  • Payoneer money transfer

Credit card methods are limited to the amount of postage you can purchase. To increase those limit, please call or email customer support to discuss.

Teapplix customer receive discounted Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, as well as international (all mail classes). In addition, you can get dimensional discounts if you ship heavy items that are small in size. To get a better understanding how dimensional discounts can help you, you can request Teapplix to conduct a study of your shipping history with us (typically after about 1-2 months), and we will help you pick the best dimensional discount plans. Simply contact Teapplix Support for such a study.