Teapplix supports FedEx US and FedEx Canada. You can link one or more FedEx accounts into your Teapplix account:

Configuring Your Teapplix Account For FedEx Web Services to print FedEx labels via PDF directly from Teapplix  on your PC or Mac.

  1. Teapplix requires that you have an FedEx account to print FedEx labels.  To register, go to Setup, then FedEx:
  2. Once you successfully setup your FedEx account in Teapplix, you are ready to print FedEx labels.  You can select orders under "Open Orders" and assign FedEx shipping method + weight.
  3. With the orders selected, press the "FedEx" button.
  4. After printing, the orders will automatically clear out of Open Orders and move to Order History.  You can find the order and reprint or cancel shipping label. If a label is cancelled, the order will go back to open orders.
  5. If you ship using FedEx Ground (such as Home Delivery), or FedEx SmartPost, at end of every shipping day, you need to go to Teapplix "Order History" => "Batch History", and push the "FedEx End Of Day" or "FedEx SmartPost End Of Day" button, to ensure the tracking numbers be forwarded to Fedex and displayed on Fedex site. The tracking numbers will be sent to Fedex electronically.  There will be no scan form printed out.
  6. Refer to "Print Using Online PDF" for more details
  7. Please note that if on the Setup->FedEx page, if you choose "ETD" for Fedex Invoice,  when you ship an international label, we will not generate commercial invoice / custom form if that country accepts ETD submitted electronically.