PDF vs Cloud Print

When Teapplix ActionShip generates shipping labels, you can have the following options on how the label are displayed and printed

  • Local PDF - ActionShip web page will produce a PDF document that will be opened in your browser. Make sure you install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, plus you may need to configure your browser as below:
    • For Internet Explorer, no further adjustment is needed.
    • For Firefox & Safari, we recommend you adjust your plug-in to use native Adobe Reader to achieve the highest quality
    • For Chrome, it will not allow you to use Adobe Reader to open the PDF document, instead a Chrome built in view is used. No print dialog will open when ActionShip opens the label PDF. If you experience printer quality issues, we recommend you switch to cloud print below or use a different browser.
  • Cloud Print - using a cloud print service, ActionShip can print the label directly on your printer without opening any PDF document
    • Google cloud print - free, slower and with fewer printer support
    • PrintNode cloud print - faster, more printer support but costs $5 extra per month