PrintNode Cloud Print

PrintNode ( is an addon service integrated into Teapplix ActionShip.  It allows you to print directly from any web browser.

To utilize PrintNode, follow these steps

  1. In the new user interface, navigate to Settings => PrintNode.
  2. Select an email from the list (it has to be one of the user login emails).
  3. Enter and confirm your PrintNode password.
  4. Click the "Create PrintNode Account" button.
  5. Next, navigate to Settings => Printers and Scales, select "PrintNode" as the print method, and select your domestic and international printers.

Now any label you print will be sent to the selected printer automatically. No PDF will open.

Login is asking for an API key
If your email address has been associated to another PrintNode account and is asking for an API key you will see the following message. "It seems your email <email address> is already associated with a PrintNode account. To use it here please enter the API Key"

How to find the API Key

  1. Login to:
  2. Enter your PrintNode  email address and password then click Sign In.
  3. Click "API Keys" link found at the top right.
  4. Enter your PrintNode password.
  5. Copy the current API key.
  6. Paste the API key into your PrintNode login.
  7. Click the "Link PrintNode Account" button.