Teapplix Discount USPS

Teapplix discount USPS is a free service to Teapplix customers.  You can register it when you create a Teapplix account and enter your credit card information.   You will get discounted rate for Priority Mail (flat rate and 1 - 70 lb otherwise), International Mail shipping labels, especially those packages with dimensional information.  The postage rate is based on the US Postal CPP (Commercial Plus) rate, and could have up to 60% discount comparing to the the US Postal Office retail price.

You need to first register postage meter account and maintain a balance in it to be used for the label postages.

To setup a Teapplix USPS meter account, follow these steps

  • First, make sure you have entered your credit card information on My Account->Subscriptions.
  • Then go to Setup => Shipping, and click on the "Register" button.
  • After you have successfully registered a meter account, you can purchase a balance amount (minimum $25).