Built-in USPS Account

Teapplix ActionShip provides a USPS account with each shipping customer.  You can register it when you create a Teapplix account and enter your credit card information.   You will get discounted rate for Priority Mail, Priority Mail cubic pricing, Priority Mail Flat Rate, Ground Advantage, Ground Advantage Cubic Pricing and International Mail shipping labels.  The postage rate is based on USPS Commerce Platform Merchant rate, and could have up to 70% discount comparing to the US Postal Office retail prices.

You need to first register postage meter account and maintain a balance in it to be used for the label postage.

To setup a Teapplix USPS meter account, follow these steps

  • First, make sure you have set up your company name and address on Settings->Shipping Profile page. And entered your credit card information on Account->Subscriptions.
  • Then go to Integration => Carriers page, click "Add Carriers", and choose USPS.
  • Close the carrier section popup, go to USPS setup page, and click "Setup Master USPS Account".
  • Make sure your company name and address is correct,  email shows as verified.  Then click on the "Register" button.
  • After you have successfully registered a meter account, you can purchase a balance amount (minimum $25) using the house shape icon on the top right. Notice Teapplix perform credit check on newly registered account holders. Please contact Teapplix Support if you get message about credit limit exceeded.