Bill 3rd Party Account

Sometimes a set of orders must all be shipped using a bill 3rd party FedEx account. You can achieve this in 2 ways:

  • select all the orders, an bulk update the orders to FedEx bill 3rd party, filling in the 3rd party details, and print using your normal FedEx account
  • create a shipping profile, and tie a bill 3rd party FedEx account to the shipping profile, and print orders using this shipping profile

Bill 3rd Party Account on Shipping Profile

First, you still need to link your normal FedEx account to the Master Default shipping profile, otherwise you will not be able to print any FedEx shipping labels. After that, you can create another shipping profile, and link a "bill 3rd party FedEx account" to that profile.

When you print labels using this special profile, Teapplix  ActionShip will generate FedEx label using the following rules:

  • If the order defaults to bill sender, it will automatically be switched to bill 3rd party based on the profile settings
  • If the order is specifically set to bill recipient or bill another 3rd party,  the option will be honored