FedEx International Mail Service FIMS

Enabling FIMS

FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS) is an international package solution offered by FedEx, currently it offers these level of service:

  • FIMS Standard Service
  • FIMS Premium Service
  • FIMS MailView Item Under 4.4 Pounds
  • FIMS MailView Item Over 4.4 Pounds
  • All FIMS Items Over 4.4 Pounds

FIMS Account

You enter your FedEx FIMS account into Teapplix on Setup => FedEx International Mail Service page. You need to  enter your FIMS username + password. (Ask your FedEx to obtain those information). This is different than your normal FedEx account credentials.

Once you have the account setup, you are ready to print.

Printing Labels

FIMS label printing are similar to other PDF label printing process, with the following differences:

  • FIMS label are hard wired on 8x11 2 per page layout. The label part is a 4x8 sheet horizontally.
  • FIMS labels can not be cancelled once printed.

Rate Quotes

You need to contact your FedEx FIMS rep to obtain a rate CVS. Once you have that you can email to to load the rate table so you can get rate quotes.