Customs Information

You can remember customs declaration as well as customs value when you do remember weight.

The customs description and customs value will be saved onto the product. Teapplix ActionShip on the product level keep the following information for customs clearing:

  • Customs Value - This value is the per unit customs value that ActionShip will use when shipping internationally. If this is not set, we will use the product sales unit prices from the order for this value.
  • Customs Description - Description on customs form
  • Localized Customs Description - Some customs forms are bi-lingual. This will be the local language (typically Chinese) customs description
  • Harmonized Code - Harmonized code, only used for very selected carriers.

Global Max Customs Value

On Settings => Shipping Profile, then click the sprocket found on the right, opposite the Additional Shipping Profiles.  You can enter a "Max Value declared on customs from $" per line subtotal customs value. If this value is set, it will override the above declared customs value.