Teapplix support Walmart Marketplace for both US and Canada. We can download orders, upload tracking numbers, download listings (US only, Canada listing support is not added yet) and update price and quantity.

Invitation Only Walmart 3rd-party Seller Account

Teapplix can recommend current Teapplix customers (including trial customers) to obtain an invitation to be a 3rd-party seller on Walmart. You must meet certain requirements. To get started, contact Teapplix support with your account name, and we will give you a form to fill out to return to us.

Linking your Walmart Account

Currently Walmart is using Signature-based Authentication.  To link your Walmart account,  you would need to obtain the authentication credential from Walmart Seller Central:

login to your Walmart's seller portal as admin, click on the gear-shaped icon on the top-right corner,  choose General Setting->API,   and obtain / generate the following 2 pieces of data:

  • Consumer ID
  • Secret Key (The Secret Key is very long, make sure you copy it without extra space or line breaks)

Once you obtain this data, go to Teapplix Setup => Others and the "Walmart" Tab, choose the Signature based authentication option and paste in the Consumer ID and Secret Key, hit "Save".

Change to oAuth-based Authentication before August 28th, 2019

Walmart will deprecate the Signature based authentication on August 28th, 2019.

Before that date, you can remain using the Consumer ID / Secret Key pair.  If you observed that the integration has stopped working, it might be because the Secret Key has been changed on  your Walmart account.  You can login to the Walmart Seller Central and generate a new Private Kay and copy it to Teapplix.

But on August 28th, 2019 (or even before that date), you must switch to oAuth-based Authentication API in order for Teapplix to continue work with your Walmart account.  You must generate  the new oAuth-based authentication credential on Walmart Seller Central and enter then in Teapplix setup page, and make sure to switch Token-Based authentication option in Teapplix.

How to switch to the new oAuth-based Authentication:

  1. Choose one of two ways to sign into the Developer Portal.
  • Sign into Seller Center and navigate to: Settings > Consumer IDs & Private Keys, then click visit developer portal. You’ll be taken to the Developer Portal and automatically signed in.
  • Go directly to, then use your Seller Center credentials to sign in as a US Marketplace seller.
  1. ​Generate your API Keys.
  • Once you’re signed in to the Developer Portal, click your name at the top of the page and click API Keys.

 Order Download Process

Teapplix download orders from Walmart every 30 minutes. Once downloaded:

  • If you do not subscribe to InventoryAdvisor, all downloaded orders are automatically acknowledged if not already done by other means.
  • If you have InventoryAdvisor: Teapplix will automatically acknowledge orders that you have inventory
  • If you have InventoryAdvisor: Teapplix will optionally (contact Teapplix Support to turn on this behavior) cancel any order that come in without inventory in Teapplix.

Of course, once an order is shipped, Teapplix will confirm back to Walmart the tracking numbers at the next sync.

Orders Cancelled or Shipped Outside of Teapplix

If you cancel an item from your Walmart order, next time when Teapplix sync the order, cancelled items will be removed from your Teapplix order. If all the items for a Walmart order are cancelled, then Teapplix will not remove items, it will simply mark the order "Cancelled"

If you ship all the item for an Walmart order, Teapplix will mark the order "Shipped".

Cancelling Walmart Orders In Teapplix

If you cancel an Walmart in Teapplix , Teapplix will cancel all lines of the order on Walmart. If you want to cancel specific lines, update the order in Teapplix and "cancel" on the specific line. That line will be cancelled in Walmart.

Due to Teapplix design where we do not allow an order with no lines, if you want to cancel an entire order, not just a specific line, you must mark the order status as "Cancelled" using bulk update.

Automatic Inventory Sync

Teapplix can optionally change the quantity on your Walmart listings every 15 minutes. This is recommended to avoid canceling orders. To turn this on, make sure you have inventory data in Teapplix, and on Inventory => Options page, check the auto sync checkbox next to the Walmart Marketplace.