Warehouse Aware Channels

Some channels are "warehouse aware", meaning there exists concepts on the channel, where listings are assigned to specific warehouses. For these channels, Teapplix will import listings and automatically assign warehouses in Teapplix. Typically, when the channel is setup, Teapplix will ask you to map the channel warehouse to Teapplix warehouse. For such listings, it is not possible to manually change the warehouse id using update features.

  • FBA - FBA listings are assigned one single fixed warehouse per FBA account.
  • Jet.com - Jet.com can have multiple "fulfillment nodes", each one is mapped to a Teapplix warehouse. A listing will have a separate quantity and price per fulfillment node, so There will be 2 listings per SKU in Teapplix if you have 2 fulfillment nodes, one per node.
  • Overstock - Overstock also has the concept of warehouses. Listings will be assigned warehouses automatically.

Mapping Channel Warehouses

On setup => Others, for any channel that supports multiple warehouses, Teapplix will automatically read from the channel a "list of warehouses" after you successfully link the channel. This read happens on page load automatically after the channel is lined. You should map each channel warehouse to a separate Teapplix warehouse.