Shipping without Order

The shipping API provided in this section do not require you to have an order in Teapplix first. You pass in address information and ship options and Teapplix will provide you with rate quotes or generate a shipping label.

Postage Account and Settlement
Depending on the carrier setup, calling purchase label in Teapplix may cause your "Teapplix Postage Account" to go down. Certain carrier accounts are provided by Teapplix and are billed using a "pre-paid" model:

  • You first deposit money into your postage account. You can fund your postage purchase either via credit card or ACH, subject to certain limitations. Certain carrier options may also introduce "minimum reserves" in your postage account to cover certain surcharges that are not know at the time of label purchase.
  • Each label that you purchase will that is under the "pre-paid" model will deduct from your postage account balance.
  • Sometimes, carrier may bill additional surcharges, this will further debit from your postage account as Teapplix receives the bill
  • CancelLabel, if called on an unused label, will credit your postage account. Some carrier will credit your postage account immediately upon calling cancel label, others will credit your account 2 weeks later
  • Other type of carrier accounts are "billed through", meaning the carrier bills you directly. For these type of carrier account, "PurchaseLabel" in Teapplix will not incur any debit to your postage account.

Batch History and Postage Logs
You will be able to review your batch history and postage purchase logs when you login to your Teapplix account. You can setup auto purchase by credit card. You can also setup to pay by bank ACH.