Order Notification

Order Notification is a "POST" request, that can go 2 directions:

  • From external systems to Teapplix
  • From Teapplix To external systems
Inbound to Teapplix
You can "push" orders to Teapplix by POSTing order notifcations at a fixed URL:
The body of the POST will be defined by the schema below. Orders are uniquely identified in each Teapplix account by TxnID.
Outbound from Teapplix
You can also setup Teapplix to POST OrderNotification to any URL of your choice. This can be triggered using the following way:
  • Manually, using the "DropShip" button on open orders
  • Automatically, by adding "Filters" that automatically submit orders for dropship

When Teapplix POST to your URL, the body of the post is the "Request" JSON structure. You are expected to return HTTP code and the Response structure back to Teapplix.