Customer Report

Customer report is a cvs file containing detailed order information. Order reports are one line per order. If there are multiple line items in the order, these line items are listed at the end of the csv line.

So if you process the data using the customer report by using a program, always do so by fetching based on column headings. Due to ongoing development, new columns may be added. But we do not normally rename or remove existing columns.

Postage Field
For shipped orders, postage field contains the postage cost of the shipper for orders printed in Teapplix or drop ship orders confirmed with "postage" field back to Teapplix.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule:

  • orders marked as shipped, or shipped outside of Teapplix will not have postage value
  • orders printed using UPS WorldShip integration or FedEx Ship Manager integration will not have postage value.