Shipment Notifcation

You can obtain shipping information from Teapplix, after orders are shipped. There are 2 ways to obtain such information:

  • You can send a GET request to query and download Shipment data as JSON
  • Teapplix can POST Shipment JSON data to an external URL

Query Shipment Data

You can use "GET" method to obtain one or a list of "Shipment" JSON objects.

You can use the following link to find out what values Teapplix returns for ShipCarrier and ShipMethods.

Outbound Shipment Notification

Outbound Shipment Notification webhooks trigger POST to your URL every time an order is shipped.

The URL can be defined in Teapplix, and the condition of what type of order will trigger a Shipment Notification can also be defined in Teapplix:

  • For all orders from a specific channel, or specific account within a specific channel
  • For all orders from a specific queue in Teapplix
  • For all orders assigned to a specific warehouse in Teapplix
  • Other conditions that can be setup by Teapplix Support

To setup such an webhook, first define an API URL end point in Teapplix Setup => API. After that, create a filter that runs on Shipped Orders, and set the action to POST to your API end point. Once setup, Teapplix will POST to your URL the same JSON structure as the "Shipments" array in the schema below.

In both GET and POST cases, the returned JSON data format is described in the "Response" tab below. JSON Format: