Virtual Accounts

Virtual Accounts API allows 3rd party applications to build deeper integration at the application, UI and system level with Teapplix. This allows 3rd party application to open one single "master account", and then create virtual "seller accounts" on Teapplix to manage orders, inventory and shipping for e-commerce platforms and channels.

From a finished application point of view, you will able to achieve this from your application, given a specific "seller" in your application:

  • Call API to register a virtual seller account in Teapplix, and grant Teapplix API credentials at the same time to push orders to your application.
  • Call API to obtain an access token. Once successful, you can then open a small window that will allow your seller to link to any e-commerce marketplace that Teapplix has integration to.
  • Seller will then link one or more accounts to eBay, Amazon, Walmart, WalmartDSV, Jet, Overstock, etc etc using this small window that is embedded inside your web application as an iframe.
  • Teapplix will download orders on all such linked accounts into your "master Teapplix account". Teapplix will utilize order notification methods and the token you provided Teapplix to push any downloaded order into your application.
  • Once an order is shipped, the tracking number will flow from your application back into Teapplix and to the marketplace.
  • You can also optionally use the Teapplix REST API to generate shipping labels for any order downloaded this way.

If you have an interest in building a deeper integration with Teapplix, please contact support.