Purchase Label

Purchase Label Request allow you to perform a shipping transaction and obtain a link to a shipping label, without needing an order in your Teapplix account.

Note that ClientRequestId in the passed json will uniquely identify a "label request". If you do not pass one, a unique id will be generated and returned to you. You can use the id in subsequent requests to cancel the label, or request the label again.

Note, if you purchase a label using a given ClientRequestId, and send a purchase label request again given the same ClientRequestId, the system will follow the behavior below:

  • If you changed address, recipient name, company name, or shipping method, weight or dimensions, you will be given an error
  • If you did not change any of the above, Teapplix will return the same label from the last purchase

If the purchase label did not succeed, and you call again using the same ClientRequestId and different address, shipping options and customs declaration. The label purchase will be based on the newly passed address, shipping options and customs declaration.

Here are the API REST schema:

Cloud Print
If you specified a shipping profile to cloud print, and in API use the ProfileId parameter and specify LabelReturn="PRINT", then API will check that the profile has proper cloud print settings, and send the label directly to cloud printer.