Listing API allows you to download listing data and update listing data in Teapplix:

  • GET - based on certain criteria, download listing object from your Teapplix account. In the below list of criteria, at least one must be provided. Otherwise error will be returned. Notice that this GET query has no cursor capability and only return max 5000 results.
    1. Channel -- which marketplace or shopping cart's listing we want
    2. SellerId -- if you linked multiple accounts from the same channel into Teapplix, SellerId typically names one of those accounts. In the case of eBay, Amazon, this will be the seller id or merchant id. In the case of other channels, this typically is the "store key" assigned in Teapplix when you linked the channel account.
    3. SellerSKU -- Seller SKU you assigned on the Marketplace or Shopping Cart.
    4. TeapplixSKU -- Mapped SKU in Teapplix. If you did not do any mapping, this is the same as SellerSKU
    5. WarehouseId -- which warehouse id the listing is assigned to. Specifying this parameter will fetch only listings assigned to that particular warehouse id. This is an integer.
  • PUT - based on provided key, update certain fields for listing object in your Teapplix account.