Launch New Listings

Teapplix ActionShip Listing Tool
For selected platforms, ActionShip can lauch new listings from the "Inventory => Products" page:

  • Walmart
  • Pricefalls

To launch new listings, select one or more products, and select the marketplace at the bottom, select the "warehouse" of the channel supports multiple fulfillment nodes (, and then click on the "Generate Listing Upload" button.

The product will be launched on the selected platform.

Enhanced Catalog Information
Normally, "product" information in ActionShip is not sufficient to generate a listing. For shipping, inventory quantity / price management, ActionShip normally does not require nor keep detailed descriptions, categories, multiple images etc.

When you turn on "Listing Tool", ActionShip product editing UI expands to allow you to enter the additional product information needed to generate a new listing:

  • Multiple Descriptions - description at different lengths
  • Features and Benefits - used for marketing your product
  • Multiple Images
  • Categories and Attributes
  • Variation Information (size, color, etc)

You can choose to enter the enhanced product information into ActionShip the following way:

  • Certain Information can be downloaded from other platforms, by hand pushing the "Download Listings" button. Note that this must be done AFTER you turned on the Listing Tool license, as the amount of details downloaded with the license turned on and off varies greatly.
  • By XLS | CSV bulk upload
  • By hand editing using ActionShip UI