To list orders on, go to Teapplix ActionShip "Inventory => Products", select the products you want to list, select the Jet fulfillment node on the bottom of the page, and click the "Upload" button.

Product Schema Mappings

ActionShip product schema is mapped to Jet in the following way: (ActionShip Side --> Jet Side, * means it is required)

  • Item Name* --> SKU
  • Item Title* --> Product Title
  • ASIN* --> ASIN (required only if UPC is not set)
  • UPC* --> UPC (required only if ASIN is not set, auto determine based on length, 10: ISBN-10, 12: UPC, 13: EAN, 14: GTIN-14)
  • Brand --> Brand
  • Manufacturer --> Manufacturer
  • MPN --> Manufacturer Part Number
  • Ship Weight --> Shipping Weight Pounds(we use the Teapplix 1 unit weight, converted properly)
  • Default Price --> Price (initial uploaded price, you can always control price on Jet listings later on ActionShip Inventory => Listings page)
  • Image Large (URL)* --> Main Image
  • Additional Images --> Alternate Images
  • Features --> Bullet Points
  • Short Description or Long Description* --> Product Description
    • Long Description will be used if <= 2000 characters
    • Short Description will be used if not empty and Long Description has > 2000 characters
    • otherwise, we will strip Long Description to remove all HTML tags,  and use the first 2000 characters.
  • jet category and attributes --> jet category and attributes
  • active flag --> this will control if the product will be "Archived" on If you upload the product as inactive, it will be archived on

In addition to the above, ActionShip also supports variations. Please see the next page for how to upload variations. Notice that the list of attributes needed for variations is different than main products.