Embed Teapplix UI

Teapplix provides certain UI screens as iframe to external systems. These screens are designed to perform config, like linking e-commerce channels, setting up carrier accounts, etc. note in the url provided below, xxxxx denotes the Teapplix Account Name that you want the screen to apply to

Obtain SessionID

First, you must obtain a "Session" variable from Teapplix. This is done via a SOAP method to the following URL:


in this SOAP end point, there are 2 methods: login & logout.

The wsdl is provided here:


Once you obtain the SessionID, you can proceed to open Teapplix UI by using specialized URLs

Exposed UI Screens

The following screens are provided for external systems.

  • Ebay setup page:


  • Amazon setup page:


You should build an iframe with the above url, which will work to configure the accounts.