Purchase Label for Order

Purchase Label For Order Request allow you to perform a shipping transaction and obtain a link to a shipping label for existing order in your Teapplix account. The call assume an order with given TxnId already exists in Teapplix Account:

  • If the order is already shipped in Teapplix, the call will return an error
  • If the order is not shipped, Teapplix will generate shipping label based on passed method, weight, dimensions and shipping options. Notice that the order may have "previously stored" method, weight, dimensions, shipping options. Teapplix performs a merge of the shipping info, with the passed data taking precedence and updated into the database
  • Notice that PurchaseLabelForOrder do not allow you to pass a "To" address. To perform address change, you must call a separate API "PUT OrderNotification" to update the order

Here is the API schema:

The return of the call, if successful, will provide you with tracking number(s), postage, and a url to download the label, or base64 of the label itself.

Cloud Print
If you specified a shipping profile to cloud print, and in API use the ProfileId parameter and specify LabelReturn="PRINT", then API will check that the profile has proper cloud print settings, and send the label directly to cloud printer.