Product Images

Item Image Guidelines

How your images appear on depends on the image(s) you provide for a particular item.
Image showing where the Primary and Secondary images show, as well as the  variant swatches
** Note: In order to avoid the possibility of Walmart Marketplace's (WMP’s) image retrieval process overwhelming your source server, please ensure that your system has sufficient bandwidth and processing power to serve up the images as WMP requests them. **

Image formatting and size recommendations

  • Preferred: JPEG or JPG
  • Accepted:  JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Maximum File Size: 1 MB

Image resolution recommendations

  • Recommended image resolution: 2000 x 2000 pixels at 300 ppi.
  • Recommended swatch resolution: 100 x 100 pixels at 72 ppi.
  • Minimum image resolution requirements:
    • For zoom capability: 2000 x 2000 pixels at 300 ppi.
    • Without zoom capability: 500 x 500 pixels at 72 ppi.
** Note: Do not enlarge a lower resolution image to meet these requirements, because it will lower your image quality. **

Image URL requirements

  1. Image URLs must end in an image file type (.jpg, .gif, etc.) and link to a public image file that loads as an image, not as an HTML page. Use caution, as some links that end in a valid image file type load as an HTML page – as in the unsupported example below.
Supported Unsupported
User-added image User-added image

Dropbox, Amazon and Photobucket information

Dropbox URLs are supported only if you provide the URL that loads as an image. In general, replacing with will create a valid URL. In the example above, changing the invalid URL to the valid URL corrects the problem and enables the user to submit this image URL from Dropbox. Dropbox URLs must follow all the guidelines on this page.

Most Amazon image URLs can be accepted if they meet the guidelines on this page. However, a small number of Amazon URLs will fail the HTTP HEAD call. If you encounter this problem, contact Marketplace Operations.

Photobucket URLs are never supported because they load as HTML pages even when the URL ends in a valid file type.

  1. The URL is properly encoded so that it does not contain special characters, such as quotation marks, spaces and exclamation points. Open the accordion below to see the encoding rules.  (you can find the Hex value to be used to encode the special characters here)
Supported Unsupported
HTML encoding details
  1. The URL does not contain query parameters, which often encode additional information into the URL following a question mark.
Supported Unsupported
  1. The URL may only contain the ports 8080, 80, 443 or 8443. If your URL contains a different port, contact your Content Service Provider and ask them to host the images on a different port.
Supported Unsupported

Quality standards

For the main image, choose a clear, easily recognizable image that highlights the product’s main features in one shot. In general, we would like the main item images to be photographed at a similar angle (facing slightly right, away from the taxonomy), which helps us show the best possible view of the product and keeps our pages consistent.

  • All images must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed. Main images should feature products on a seamless white background. Images of larger items may feature the product in an expected environment.
User-added image
  • Crop the product as close as possible to the image frame for greater visual impact. Avoid excessive background space around the product. Do not resize smaller images to fill space, as this reduces image quality.
User-added image
  • The main image should not contain additional graphics, illustrations, logos, watermarks, overlays or text. With the exception of Pack Bugs in clothing, these are allowed only in the additional images.
User-added image
  • The main image should not show accessories that are not included with the product, as it may confuse the customer. Avoid positioning too many extra props that can distract or confuse the customer.
User-added image


Walmart reserves the right to reject images that do not meet these image standards. You are responsible for securing the necessary rights for the images you submit.

Main image guidelines

  • Required: All items must have a main product image.
  • Preferred view: Front view
  • Preferred view background: Seamless white (255/255/255 RGB)
  • Acceptable alternate view: The product in an appropriate setting or environment. For example, the main image in the example image at the top of this page features the planter box in a patio setting. The first additional asset is an example of the preferred view.
  • Suggested variant view: Main image showing current variant (especially if variant is a color).
  • Prohibited views: No watermarks, advertising language, text overlays, coupons or borders can be shown on images.

Additional image assets - secondary image guidelines

  • Recommended: Additional assets that showcase the item's features. In the example above, the seller included the planter box liner and a view of the sides. Clicking on the swatch images shows a close-up of the wood grain in the variant color chosen. An acceptable Additional Asset for this page would have been an additional image showing a close-up of the wood grain. Also, pairing the swatch images with the variant's Main and Additional Asset images showcases the product's variations as it applies to the main image.
  • Preferred views: Back view, side view, detailed view, additional angles and/or image of the product in an expected environment.
  • Additional images for variant groups: All images for a variant group should be of the same pattern. For example, if the primary item in a group shows front, back and side views (i.e., one primary image and two additional assets), then all other items in the group should also be ingested with front, back and side views.