Preview Walmart Listings

If your walmart account is not live yet, you are required to perform preview and order testing after you have upload / setup items on your Walmart account.

You can login to the Seller Center, preview what your prices and content will look like, and you can publish select items and generate testing orders.  You need to use Teapplix ActionShip to download those testing orders, and test Order Shipping, Order Cancellation, Order Refund.

Detail steps blow:

  1. Set up your items using either the Bulk Upload Integration or the Direct API Integration method.
  2. Check the feed status of the feed you submitted to make sure that some items have been successfully set up.
  3. Click the Complete Item & Order Testing link in the Launch Checklist.
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Preview your items on

Once you have completed the three steps mentioned above, you will see a list of all of your items alongside various actions for you to take on the page. To verify the content and pricing of your items, click the Preview Item link for any of your items in Stage status. This shows you exactly what a customer on will see on your product's item page. If you see anything that you want to change, re-ingest the item with the updated content or pricing.

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This preview page will show the price of your offer, even if it is not the Buy Box Winner. On the live item page, the price displayed is the Buy Box Winner. Because your items are not live yet, Walmart customers cannot see your offer. They can, however, see all published offers from other sellers. You can view the prices of your competitors' offers on this preview page and make pricing updates from the Seller Center before you go live to ensure you launch with the most competitive pricing possible.

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Because the item is not live, you will not be able to click the Add to Cart button on If the item is offered by multiple sellers, the system algorithmically selects a primary content provider (PCP) whose information appears on the item page. Therefore, the details on the item page may not match the information you uploaded.

Test a few orders on

Once you have verified the content and pricing of your items, you are ready for order testing. To conduct order testing, you will want to identify 2-3 items for which you want to test your order fulfillment flow. Once you have identified your items for order testing, complete the following steps:

1. Update the price and inventory for your test items before you publish them. Reset the price for any of your expensive test items to a price that is less than $20. Additionally, set your inventory to 1 for your test items so that customers don't accidentally purchase them after you have published them. You can update pricing or add inventory by using one of the following methods:

Seller Center:

Price Update: ​​Updating Your Pricing Through The Seller Center
Inventory Update: Updating Your Inventory Through The Seller Center:

** Note: If you have chosen to integrate through a channel partner rather than integrating directly with Walmart, follow their instructions on how to update price and inventory. They will guide you through their process. **
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2. Publish only 2 or 3 of your items by going to this page (Item Testing) and clicking the Publish Item link on the right side of the grid under the Actions column. Once you publish the items, the items become available to Walmart customers.
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3. After your item is published, click the Purchase Item link on the right side of the grid. This will take you to the live item page where you can purchase your item on You will have to create a customer account on to purchase the item or items in your cart.
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** Note: You can only publish items that are in Stage status. If an item is still in process, wait for it to enter Stage status. If an item is in an Error state, resubmit the item. **4. Test the following order scenarios:

Once you have successfully tested the three scenarios listed above, you can reset the prices and inventory levels for your test items.

** IMPORTANT: Download all your orders and save the Excel file before updating them in the Seller Center. Orders that are marked as Shipped or Cancelled do not appear in the Live Order Dashboard (this is a known issue). However, these orders are still searchable using the search bar at the top of the Live Order Dashboard. **

Order cancellation testing

  1. Create a testing order, check your order details in the Seller Center by clicking on ORDER MANAGEMENT > Dashboard. Some orders may need to go through fraud check, so please allow up to one hour for your order(s) to appear.
  2. Verify that the order details are correct. Make sure the order's sales tax and shipping charges are correct.
  3. Go to your Teapplix account,  run a manual sync orders on Walmart setup page to download order.
  4. Cancel the Walmart order on Open Order page using the Bulk Update panel on the right side.
  5. run a manual sync order again.
  6. Double-check that the cancellation is reflected in Walmart's systems by going to Seller Center > ORDER MANAGEMENT > Dashboard and searching for the PO number. Verify the status is Cancelled.
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Order shipping testing

** Note: Even though this is a fake shipment, you should provide a valid tracking number. **

  1. Generate a second test order from the Seller Center.
  2. Verify that the order details are correct. Make sure the order's sales tax and shipping charges are correct.
  3. Go to your Teapplix account,  run a manual Sync Orders on Walmart setup page to download the order.
  4. Print a shipping label for this order (you can cancel the label after sync the shipping info to Walmart).
  5. run a manual Sync Orders again.
  6. Verify that the order status has successfully updated to Shipped by going to Seller Center > ORDER MANAGEMENT > Dashboard.
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Order refund testing

  1. On your Teapplix account, go to Order History page, search for the shipped Walmart order.
  2. On the Order Search Result page, click on "refund" action link.  Issue a refund on the order.
  3. Specify a full order refund by including the order amount, sales tax and shipping charge (if applicable).
  4. Run a manual Sync Orders on the Walmart setup page.
  5. Verify that the refund amount is reflected correctly by going to Seller Center > ORDER MANAGEMENT > Dashboard.

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** Note: Walmart handles customer communication on your behalf. Please ensure that your email notifications are always turned off, including after the testing phase is complete. You can read the order cancellation and refund emails by checking the mailbox associated with the customer account used to place these test orders.**

Known Order Dashboard limitations:

  • Orders updated with a Shipped or Cancelled status do not appear in the Order Dashboard.
  • The status of an order that is refunded will continue to show as Shipped and will not update to Refunded. However, once the refund is successful, the amount will be adjusted.