Teapplix Catalog Model

Teapplix ActionShip can manage the following enhanced information on products:

  • Basic fields: SKU, GTIN (union of UPC, EAN, or other product identifiers), ASIN, Brand, Model Number, Manufacturer Model Number, etc etc
  • Price: ActionShip catalog model maintains a single unified normal price for each product
  • Image: one main image and unlimited # of additional images. Each image can also have an "alt-text" for search purposes
  • Features: each product can have a list of "features"
  • Title
  • Short Description: 1000 character description
  • Long Description: 4000 character description
  • Variation information: 1) root - variation relationship 2) variation attributes and values 3) images tied to each variation attribute value
  • Marketplace specific information: categories, category attribute name value pairs

Download vs SpreadSheet vs UI Editing

ActionShip supports various ways to enter information into the Action
Ship Enhanced Product Catalog:

  • Download Listings: basic fields, price, main image, variation (parent child information) can be downloaded
    • Enhanced information: features, title, long descriptions: these can be downloaded from Amazon if you own your Amazon listing
  • From eBay and other source, download will download basic fields, price, main image, title and price, but not features / long descriptions
  • CSV | XLS import: you can import everything, including variation definition
  • UI Editing: you can edit and enter everything, including variation definition