Receive Additional Inventory

The most populate method to add "received" inventory is by using the "Receive Inventory" link on the "Enter Quantity" page. It allow you to scan in products that you just aquired.

Bar Codes

Scan based receive inventory assumes the following conditions:

  • All the products scanned are already defined in Teapplix
  • The barcode on the product is either the SKU in Teapplix, or UPC in Teapplix

Scan Based Receive Workflow

When you receive a bunch of items, we assume that they are either individually barcoded, or inside boxes that contain barcodes.

When you click on the "Receive Inventory" link, it ask you for a PO # and optionally the "warehouse" the inventory will go into. You are also given 2 options:

  • Scan Single - you scan each product individually, each scan increment the quantity by 1
  • Scan Boxed - you scan each type of SKU once, and then you can hand enter the quantity of that SKU. Of you scan the same SKU a second time, the system will bump up your quantity by 1.

Notice, scanned records are stored into db automatically. When you press Finish the process stops.

Scan based "Receive Inventory" add "credit" records with the selected date, invoice # and warehouse. If you do not have an initial "in-stock" record, it is assumed that the quantity is 0 before the receive.