Moving to New Computer

If you move your QuickBooks company file to a new computer, you need to perform certain actions on your old computer first before moving:

On old computer:

  • open your company file, start WebConnector, and hit "Remove" on the WebConnector to remove the application so it is no longer linked to your QuickBooks company file.
  • move the company file now to your new computer

On your new computer

  • Start QuickBooks and open your company file, start WebConnector
  • Login to Teapplix, and re-download your teapplix.qwc file and save on desktop from "QuickBooks => Integration Setup" tab.
  • Add the teapplix.qwc to your WebConnector

What happens if I forgot to "Remove" and my old computer  or company file is gone?

  1. You would still do the above steps on the new computer, however when you "Add" the teapplix.qwc, you may get an 1039 error.
  2. If that happens, go to your QuickBooks, under "Edit => Preferences", find "Integrated Applications", remove the "Teapplix Connector" application you find.
  3. Now try "Add" the teapplix.qwc again to WebConnector
  4. If you still get an error with "Unique OwnerID/FieldID value pair required", try open the "teapplix.qwc" file in wordpad, edit the "OwnerID" field, change the last digit, save
  5. Add the edited teapplix.qwc again to WebConnector. QuickBooks may ask you if you want to replace the existing application, say Yes.
  6. You can also try this procedur