Product API allows you to add, update and delete "product" definitions into Teapplix. A product is identified by "item_name" or "SKU" in Teapplix, and can have many attributes, including GTINs (UPC, ASIN, etc), location, associated images, attributes, and various descriptions.

The Product API is intended for bulk transfer of product information between Teapplix and external systems. For example, you can upload products into Teapplix from external systems so that you can launch listings on Walmart and

Note that certain product fields are only exposed when you have subscription to Teapplix InventoryAdvisor, and or Teapplix Listing functionality.

In the below operations, we support different REST methods:

  • GET ==> obtain existing products in Teapplix, returned in JSON format
  • POST ==> insert new products into Teapplix, any duplicate ItemName will cause the product insert to fail
  • PUT ==> update products that already exists in Teapplix, use ItemName to lookup
  • DELETE ==> remove products from Teapplix

Data Pagination

Note that GET method supports pagination, which allow you to chose PageSize (100 by default, maximum 1000) and PageNumber (starting from 1). To use pagination, append PageSize and PageNumber to the query string of GET request. Response will also display PageSize and PageNumber for current dataset. To download all products, increase PageNumber until you get response with empty dataset.