3PL / WMS software

Teapplix ActionShip supports integration with a growing list of 3PL / MWS software. We can automatically submit orders to the MWS software, and download the shipping info with tracking number.

  • 4PX Fulfillment
  • Eccang
  • K5
  • Chinapost Overseas Warehouse (CPWH)
  • Winit
  • Gucang
  • Shipout Inventory
  • Chukou1

3PL Methods Configuration

You first have to enable the above 3PL from "Integrations => 3PL". click the 3PL from the left, and select the shipping service that you want to use associated with the 3PL. Save.

Shipping Service Mapping

You will find that there are 2 different kind of shipping services

  1. Native Methods - Shipping service that have native support in ActionShip. For example, most USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL shipping methods are directly supported in ActionShip®.
  2. 3PL Methods - Shipping services that have no native support in ActionShip.

The difference between native methods and 3PL methods is that under "Orders => Normal", Native Methods will be displayed under their carrier, while 3PL methods will be displayed under the 3PL.

Linking 3PL Accounts, Item Mapping

Once you finish shipping method configuration, you can link 3PL accounts under Setup => XXXX, where XXXX is the 3PL name. For detailed refer to help page that belong to specific 3PL pages. On the setup page you can also find a link to do item mapping. Such mappings are specific to a 3PL warehouse, and maps a Teapplix SKU to a 3PL SKU. This mapping is only needed if the SKU are different, and are used for submit order and inventory quantity download.

Naturally, we want a Teapplix SKU to map to one and only one 3PL warehouse SKU per 3PL warehouse. On the flip side, if 2 different Teapplix SKU maps to the same 3PL warehouse SKU, the inventory quantity on the warehouse SKU will "duplicate" in ActionShip® on both SKUs. Here is an example:

Teapplix SKU                            Warehouse SKU

T1                                                 W

T2                                                 W

In this case, orders with item T1 and T2 will both ship out W from the warehouse. If W has quantity of 10, then both T1 and T2 in ActionShip will have quantity of 10.

Quantity Download

If you have InventoryAdvisor, ActionShip will download quantity from 3PL Warehouse to ActionShip. This will only happen when you turn on "Multi Warehouse" and create specific warehouse for each 3PL warehouse instance.