Shipment Notification

Shipment Notification is a "POST" request that can go 2 directions:

  • From Teapplix to external URL
  • From external to Teapplix -- typically to notify Teapplix that an order is shipped from outside source

Outbound Shipment Notification

Outbound Shipment Notification webhooks trigger POST to your URL every time an order is shipped.

The URL can be defined in Teapplix, and the condition of what type of order will trigger a Shipment Notification can also be defined in Teapplix:

  • For all orders from a specific channel, or specific account within a specific channel
  • For all orders from a specific queue in Teapplix
  • For all orders assigned to a specific warehouse in Teapplix
  • Other conditions that can be setup by Teapplix Support

To setup such an webhook, first define an API URL end point in Teapplix Setup => API. After that, please contact Teapplix Support. Once setup, Teapplix will POST to your URL the same JSON structure as the "Shipments" array in the schema below.

Inbound Shipment Notification - Mark Order Shipped
If you ship an order outside of Teapplix, you can use the following "POST" method to upload tracking number and other information to Teapplix to mark the order shipped. Teapplix will then confirm the order shipped back to the channel that the order is originally from.

Notice that when you confirm order as shipped in Teapplix, you should pass "ShipCarrier" value and optionally "ShipMethod" value back to Teapplix. For some channels, proper carrier values are very important. ShipMethod are also important sometimes, for example, the same carrier "UPS", if the ship method is UPS Mail Innovations, it is important to pass it to Teapplix as external marketplaces often treat Mail Innovations as a UPS + USPS mix carrier.

To find out what value to use for ShipCarrier and ShipMethod, use the following documents as a guide

Force Flag and Restrictions
Normally, you want to mark an order shipped in Teapplix that has not already been marked as shipped. However, you can use a "Force" flag, that will overwrite the shipping information on an order already shipped in Teapplix.

Notice there are restrictions on using such a force flag:

  • If the order is shipped in Teapplix using prepaid mode using your Teapplix Postage Meter, then you cannot use the force flag
  • If the order is shipped using your Endicia, account, then you cannot use the force flag

JSON Format (both inbound and outbound): notice that the "force" flag only applies to inbound request and is never sent for outbound Ship Notification, and in the case of outbound, what is sent is described on the "Request" tab below: