Mark and Update Shipped

You can "POST" /Shipment data to to upload tracking number and other information to Teapplix. You do this for orders that are shipped outside of Teapplix.

In addition, for EVS shipments where the label is generated in Teapplix, you can use this POST method to update weight / dimension data in Teapplix in preparation for final ESM submit.

Mark Order Shipped
You can use this method to mark an open order in Teapplix as shipped. Teapplix will then confirm the order shipped back to the channel that the order is originally from.

Notice that when you confirm order as shipped in Teapplix, you should pass "ShipCarrier" value and optionally "ShipMethod" value back to Teapplix. For some channels, proper carrier values are very important. ShipMethod are also important sometimes, for example, the same carrier "UPS", if the ship method is UPS Mail Innovations, it is important to pass it to Teapplix as external marketplaces often treat Mail Innovations as a UPS + USPS mix carrier.

To find out what value to use for ShipCarrier and ShipMethod, use the following documents as a guide

Force Flag and Restrictions
Normally, you want to mark an order shipped in Teapplix that has not already been marked as shipped. However, you can use a "Force" flag, that will overwrite the shipping information on an order already shipped in Teapplix. This Force flag will only apply to an order that is 'marked as shipped' via API or UI previously. For any order that the label is printed inside Teapplix, Teapplix will reject such "Mark as Shipped" operation, even if you specify the "Force" flag.

EVS Label Special Process

For USPS labels printed using EVS, Teapplix allows you to print the label with an estimated weight + dimension, and update such weight + dimension before the shipment is submitted to USPS via EVS Manifest.

You can use POST /Shipment to update only the weight + dimension of your shipment, based on TxnId as key. Anything else you pass will be ignored.

The request and response format are specified below: