Teapplix can automatically download orders from your NewEgg Marketplace account and confirm them back as shipped. You just need to enter your NewEgg FTP credentials on "Setup" => "Other" => "Shopping Carts" page.

Note that you must setup your NewEgg account to produce CSV order reports.

Note: Currently, Item Description will not pass through to Teapplix due to NewEgg limitations.

Order Confirm

Teapplix will upload tracking numbers back to NewEgg after you ship in Teapplix. As a pre-requisit, you'll need to enter shipper's address in Teapplix; Setup =>Shipping.  If you leave the info blank, NewEgg orders will not be confirmed as Shipped.

Note: Because of the method of uploading the information - You cannot alter any information within the orders from NewEgg. If you do, this will cause NewEgg to not recognize the information and not process the shipping and/or tracking information.