To integration with our NewEgg account, you need to enter your NewEgg account API info into Teapplix ActionShip.

  • Navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Carts.
  • Click+Add Marketplaces and select NewEgg. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page.
  • Select+Add Newegg Account. Enter the Country, Seller ID and Secret Key, then click Save.

Order Download

ActionShip can automatically download orders from your NewEgg Marketplace account and confirm them back as shipped.

Note that you must setup your NewEgg account to produce CSV order reports.

Note: Currently, Item Description will not pass through to ActionShip due to NewEgg limitations.

Order Confirm

ActionShip will upload tracking numbers back to NewEgg after you ship in ActionShip. As a pre-requisite, you'll need to enter the shipper's address in to ActionShip; Settings => Shipping Profile. If you leave the info blank, NewEgg orders will not be confirmed as Shipped.

Note: Because of the method of uploading the information - You cannot alter any information within the orders from NewEgg. If you do, this will cause NewEgg to not recognize the information and not process the shipping and/or tracking information.

Listing Download

In order for ActionShip to download your NewEgg listings, please make sure to setup your NewEgg account to produce CSV  listing report, or a ZIP file containing CSV file in it.