Scan & Print Options

You can control the scan and print behavior of any inventory item by editing the "Scan Control" settings on the Inventory->Products page for that item:

  • Normal -- Each Distinct SKU | UPC in an order will be scanned once. If an order has multiple quantities of a certain SKU, one scan is sufficient and the UI prompt the packer to put in X quantity
  • Individual Scan -- If an order has multiple quantities of a certain SKU | UPC, each has to be scanned
  • Serial Scan -- This is an extension of "Individual Scan". Not only will the SKU | UPC be scanned, the system also prompt the packer to scan the "Serial Number" barcode of the product after the SKU | UPC is scanned. So 2 scans per product. The Serial # is recorded in the order memo section. This workflow is used when customer has to ship iphones and other expensive items that they need to match serial # on returns
  • None -- This product does not need to be scanned. This is for products that is just an accessory to other "main" products. An order is ready to be printed when all the main products are scanned. (note, if such an item is the only item in a single line order, then it is treated as a normal item scan wise and must be scanned)