Variation API allows you to define all the variations for a given "root" product. This is only available if you subscribe to ActionShip Listing product and want to upload the product to supported marketplaces like Walmart and Jet.

A variation is a specific color, size etc version of the "root" product. Each variation is a specific SKU | UPC, can have it's own size and weight and price and quantity. It is a concrete version of a product that can be sold.

For example, while many shoes can be the same brand design, different size can be separate "variations". When you buy a pair of shoes, you are buying a specific size, which is a specific variation. You can be in stock in one size (variation), and out of stock for anther size of the same shoe.

Teapplix supports both download as well as upload of product varations:

  • GET --> download variation information for a given root product
  • POST --> create, or update (overwrite), list of product variations for a given root product