DHL Express

We support DHL Express via Teapplix USPS account or your own DHL  account.

If you use Teapplix USPS, you automatically have an account and discounted rates to ship internationally via DHL Express:

  • Seamlessly integrated with Teapplix ActionShip, Postage is paid automatically using your Teapplix USPS balance. You don't need an account to start.
  • Much faster than USPS International - 2 days vs 6 days on average
  • Much better tracking than USPS - full door-to-door tracking accountability
  • Real time email updates on package movement through DHL’s Preview tracking
  • Excellent reliability since DHL has the largest B2C e-commerce international network and largest international network of any carrier - over 220 countries
  • Fastest customs clearance since DHL is the only carrier that uses all their own in-house customs brokers - 97% of parcels clear customs before they land
  • Extra convenience with free supplies, free pickup, and numerous drop off points

To print DHL Express labels

  1. Navigate to Integrations => Carriers
  2. Click the "+" sign to add a new carrier
  3. Select DHL Express, then click close
  4. Click DHL Express, then click "Setup Master DHL Express Account"
  5. Select either a Teapplix Provided DHL Express Account or My DHL Express Account
  6. Complete the information required then click Register

Note: To connect with your own DHL Express account,  you need a DHL Site ID and API password. These are different from your normal DHL website login details, you may contact your DHL Express Account manager to obtain this information.

Last, Click the ">" sign to expand the "Configure DHL Express Shipping Methods and select all the shipping methods you would use.

Please Note these three ship methods are not available for shipping from US:  Economy Select, Europack, and Domestic Express

On Open Orders page, you can choose DHL Express ship method on any international order, set the weight,  and click the "Ship" button to print the shipping label.

Commercial invoice & schedule B

After you printed DHL Express label(s),  Teapplix always automatically generates electronic commercial invoice.  If needed, you can also click on Print Customs Form button to print the Commercical Invoice.  And you can go to Batch History page to reprint the Commercial Invoices for all the orders in that batch.

A schedule B code is required for all invoice items with a value over 2500 for a single commodity.

In order to include the schedule B code on the Commercial Invoice, you need to set the Harmonized Tariff Code for your products in ActionShip.  You can go to the Products page, either manually edit a product SKU or use file bulk import.


You can schedule pickup for free on History => Batch History page using "DHL Express Pickup Request" button. After you've pressed it, ActionShip will schedule pickup at DHL Express side for you. If current time is earlier than 2:00 p.m. request will be scheduled to today. Otherwise - on next day. In case of successful result you should receive message like this:

Pickup address setup

By default Actionship will setup schedule pickup by using the from address in the shipping profile used to print your shipping label. If you have multiple shipping profiles with different from addresses, and each printed DHL Express labels that day, then we will generate a different pickup request per address.

If you do not want to pickup from the "From" address on the profile, you can set a different pickup address per shipping profile on Integrations => Carriers => DHL Express page. When you do this, the pickup will happen on that address instead.