Order Update Notification

Order Update is PUT request that can go 2 directions:

  • From External systems to Teapplix (inbound)
  • From Teapplix to External systems (outbound)

Inbound To Teapplix

You can use Order Update API to change status, queue, items or address on an order:

  • change the payment status: Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, PartialRefund
  • change the address
  • change the order queue id
  • change the order warehouse id
  • change the "custom" field on order
  • change the item list on the order

Inbound Endpoint, Parameters & Responses

Order update uses "PUT" REST method, and the URL is the same as inbound "OrderNotification":

Outbound From Teapplix

Order Update Notification is a "PUT" request, that go from Teapplix To external systems.

You can setup Teapplix to PUT Order Update Notification to any URL of your choice. This is triggered when cart update order data and filter is setup to send Order Update Notification.

Currenlty supported order fields that can trigger notification:

  • Order Status

When Teapplix PUT to your URL, the body of the post is as follows JSON structure. You are expected to return HTTP code and the Response structure back to Teapplix.

Example Order Update Notification JSON pushed to External systems:


List of carts supporting update order status:

  • CrateJoy
  • Etsy
  • Google Checkout
  • Jet
  • Sears
  • Walmart