Common Errors in QuickBooks POS Order Export

SalesReceiptAddRs statusCode 20004:  "The receipt is not balanced. Undefined amount is 1.39."


This error is because POS will make its own calculation based on the order details we send,  and compare the result with the gross total in the order we downloaded directly from the marketplaces / shopping carts.  This error is caused by one or a few orders, it will not block the rest of good orders to export.

it maybe caused by a few reasons:

1. The number we downloaded from marketplaces does not match up.  The sum of all items subtotals + tax + shipping  is not the same as the gross total value in the order.

2. If the order has multiple quantity of an item, the subtotal of that item is not dividable by the quantity. For example, the quantity of an item in the order is 2, but the subtotal is not an even number.


You need to go to the Unexported Orders page find out which order(s) caused this error, and update the order and fix the item subtotal, or gross total so the number would match.

If you have a large amount of  Unexported Orders,  you can use the Export Orders Starting From and To date on the Integration Setup page to reduce the number of Unexported Orders.