Teapplix integrates with Groupon Goods directly for order sync.

In order to integration with your Groupon Goods account, you need to obtain the following info:
Supplier ID - login to your Groupon account on CommerceInterface, then go to Account Setting->Preference.
Token - After you logged in, change the URL on the browser to below link.
Enter a token label such as Teapplix”, then click on Create Token button to generate the token.

On your Teapplix account, go to Setup->Other->Groupon Goods, and enter your Supplier ID and Token.
If you are on our New version UI, please go to Integration->Marketplaces, click on Add Marketplace and select Groupon Goods.

Groupon Store currently does not support direct API integration, we have added support for Groupon Store order file import.
If you are selling on Groupon and need to sync the orders to Teapplix, you can download the order file from your Groupon account and directly import it to Teapplix on the Import page.

  • Go to the Open Orders->Import page (or Quickbooks ->Import page)
  • Select the order file you downloaded from your Groupon store
  • Click the "Import from Groupon" button.
  • You will see a status line with total number of orders import.

If you ship those Groupon orders in Teapplix, you can also generate a ship confirmation file and upload it directly to Groupon

  • Go to the Order History->Ship Confirmation page
  • Click on the "Generate Groupon Ship Confirmation File" button