Extra Packages

Depending on carrier, Teapplix ActionShip supports printing multiple package labels for each order.  Extra packages are different packages that can have different weight and dimensions, but are typically limited to the same carrier.

This is added by clicking the edit pencil on the right of the order. You can click on the "+Add Package" to add extra package and specify its weight (and dimension).   You can also specify a number in the "Identical Packages Count" field that is only applicable to the carriers that supports it.

Identical Packages

For most carriers, ActionShip can only print one label and produces one tracking number. However, for the following carriers, ActionShip can print multiple labels with the same method, weight and dimension and produce a single "unified" tracking number:

  • FedEx
  • UPS

This field is only available when you select a shipping method that belong to the above carriers list.  If you setup identical packages for a carrier that does not support the feature, ActionShp will ignore it and only print one shipping label.

Carrier Support for extra packages:

Different carriers treat extra packages differently:

These carriers produce a master tracking number for all the packages within a single order:

  • FedEx (including identical package count > 1)
  • UPS (including identical package count > 1)
  • DHL Express

These carriers will produce a separate tracking number for each package

  • USPS

These carriers currently do not support extra packages and ignores them

  • USPS Presort
  • DHL eCommerce

Remember Weight

The remember weight feature also allows limited support for extra packages.

The "Main package"

The main package is the first package for the order. Remember weight feature controls the parameters for shipping this main package:

  • weight
  • shipping method
  • dimensions
  • "identical package count" -- for UPS and FedEx only

Tracking Numbers

Please Note: There will be multiple tracking numbers (one for each package), but we will display the first tracking number on the History => Batch History page, and use it to update your order on the marketplace and email to your buyer.

If you used the "Identical Packages Count" to generate labels for extra packages, there will be a master tracking number that can be used to track all packages. And that is the tracking number ActionShip uses to update the marketplace.