Order Synchronization

Once a virtual seller account is created, and the seller has opened the Teapplix "Integrations" window to link eBay, Amazon etc accounts. Teapplix will regularly download orders from these marketplaces.

Based on partner, Teapplix will push all such orders into Partner systems.

Partner can ship the orders themselves using their system completely, and or, call Teapplix APIv2 above to generate shipping label. On those orders where partner shipped without generating label from Teapplix, partner will send the tracking number back into Teapplix.

Orders from Teapplix => Partner

There are 3 choices of integration here:

  • Teapplix send "OrderNotifcation" json to partner, using Teapplix APIv2 schema
  • Teapplix push Order using Partner's API, using the "Credentials" stored when the virtual seller account is created
  • Partner use "GET" OrderNotification API to query orders and obtain JSON output.

Shipment Information from Partner => Teapplix

There aer 2 choices of integration here:

  • Partner send "Shipment" json to Teapplix, using Teapplix APIv2 schema
  • Teapplix will periodically call a "track" API, using "Credentials" stored when the virtual seller account is created. Any order where tracking information is obtained will be marked as shipped onto the original marketplace.