Combo Products

Combo API allows you to define all the children of a combo product. A combo product is a kit, where several base products (with quantity 1 or more) can be combined and sold as one item. Defining combo products help you track inventory when the combo is sold.

Teapplix supports both download as well as update of product combo:

  • GET --> download combo child for a given combo product
  • PUT--> update (overwrite), list of child product for a given combo product. The child products listed here must already exist and not be of type combo, otherwise you will get validation errors.

Note that in the above 2 API, the base product must have ItemType='combo', otherwise, the API will give you an error.

Also, to change a product from a combo to a single product, you use /Product api (PUT update) to change ItemType from combo to other types. Once you do that, all the child product references will be removed. The child product still exist, but their linkage to the combo product are all removed.