SKU Download

You use VSChannelSKU to download currently listed products that the seller has on a marketplace. Notice that the "SKU" downloaded are original, marketplace SKUs without any mapping applied. It is up to the Partner System to perform any SKU mapping:


Two methods are available:

  • GET - Get SKU list saved on Teapplix database without sync from marketplace.
  • POST - Sync listings from marketplace to Teapplix database. Only a status is returned, and this operation only returns status. You are expected to use GET method to download the SKU.

Due to the fact that download listings process may take long time, there are 2 SyncMode options:

  • immediate - sync listings from marketplace and returns the result within single API call. User have to wait until result pushed back.
  • deferred - only sync listings from marketplace request is submitted. User do not have to wait until sync is completed. Once completed, the result will be sent back using Notification End Point (Webhook) listed on WebhookEndpointName parameter. You can setup Notification Endpoints on Setup-API menu on Teapplix user interface.

Request/Response details: